Showcase Walk-through Concordia College

Sunday 5th September


This will be a walk-through of the concert, practicing some stage set-up and stage movement. All students, teachers and accompanists are required to attend. However, you may leave as soon as children have finished with their own rehearsals.


  1. Thank you Dr. Suzuki
  2. Tutti group items: Twinkles, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Chopsticks and Long, Long Ago
  3. Intermediate strings item – The Fiddler’s Son
  4. Senior violin group – Veracini Gigue
  5. Senior cello group – Vivaldi Double Concerto
  6. Short rehearsals with Judy for soloists


Thank you for respecting the venue owners by leaving the building and car park promptly at the conclusion of the workshop

Concordia College Campus Map