Suzuki Music SA
If children hear fine music from the day of their birth and learn to play it, they develop sensitivity, discipline and endurance. They get a beautiful heart.
Shinichi Suzuki

The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method is a music education approach developed by the great Japanese humanitarian and educator Dr Shinichi Suzuki (1899-1999).

It is a way of learning music based on the way all children learn to speak – listening, repeating , imitating, practicsing and remembering words.

Just as all children learn to speak in a language-rich environment Suzuki believes that a music-rich environment, Suzuki believes that this environment develops musical enjoyment and ability in all chidlren.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to nurture happy and successful future world citizens through music, using the guiding principles of the Suzuki Philosophy and Pedagogy.

Our Vision

Suzuki Music SA aims to create and develop a nuturing, vibrant, active and creative community of teachers, students and families for the study and performance of music in accord with the Suzuki Philosophy and Pedagogy. Through the study and performance of music, we seek to enrich student’s lives, enhancing their family relationships, encouraging them to strive for excellence in all areas of life.

Finding a qualified Suzuki Teacher

Our organisation, the Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (SA) Inc keeps a record of qualified teachers in your area. If you have found a Suzuki teacher on your own, we recommend that you check our listing to verify that they are current members of our Association, who have met our training and Child Safe screening requirements.

Our Upcoming Events & Activities

25th September Graduation Applications Due

1st November Graduation Concert – Concordia CollegeĀ 

29th November All Comers Piano Concert – Concordia College TBA