Suzuki Music SA

Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability just as all children develop the ability to speak their mother tongue.

The potential of every child is unlimited.

Shinichi Suzuki

Frequently asked questions

How do I become a Suzuki music student ?

Your first step is to choose an instrument and a registered Suzuki teacher from our list here.


What does being a Suzuki music student involve?

Typically Suzuki students attend a private lesson once per week with their instrumental teacher and practise daily at home with their carer. Students also attend various group lessons, workshops, graduation ceremonies, festivals and concerts arranged by their teacher and/or the Suzuki Association.


How do I choose a Suzuki teacher?

You may wish to choose a teacher based on their location or phone a few to discuss your needs and find the best fit.


Once I have begun lessons with a registered Suzuki instrumental teacher, how do I become a member of the Suzuki Association?

You can fill in the online form and pay the membership fee here. The fee is a small yearly amount per family and is scaled depending on your starting date.


Do I have to join the Suzuki Association if I learn from a registered Suzuki teacher?

Yes. Joining the association supports the ongoing training and development of our teachers. It also provides you with access to a motivating community of like-minded people and the ability to participate in events like group lessons, festivals and concerts that support students to achieve their best. Importantly, through joining the Association, you will have access to the Suzuki graduation system with up to twelve levels depending on the instrument.


How much do Suzuki music lessons cost?

All teachers set their own fees, so please ask your teacher for details.


At what age should I start music lessons?

Children may begin lessons from two or three years of age, but learning music is for everyone – It’s never too early and it’s never too late.


Do Suzuki students learn to read music?

Yes, Suzuki students are versatile musicians – they can play by ear and sight read music.


What sort of music do Suzuki students learn to play?

Suzuki repertoire begins with some specially written exercises and folk tunes, quickly moving to carefully chosen classical pieces.


Can Suzuki students join non-Suzuki orchestras?

Yes, orchestra audition requirements recognise the worldwide Suzuki Graduation levels.


Do Suzuki students do music exams?

Suzuki has its own internationally recognised Graduation system that involves submitting performance recordings for evaluation and performing at Graduation concerts and solo recitals.


Will Suzuki prepare students for a career in music?

Yes, if that is the goal.